September 25, 2023

F2Pool Stops Ethereum Mining as Merge Nears

F2Pool is the second-biggest mining pool and it has announced that it is stopping Ethereum mining on its platform. F2Pool said it will be completely supporting Ethereum Classic mining when the Ethereum Merge is completed, and the network moves to a proof-of-stake protocol.

More Support for ETC

The Ethereum Merge is scheduled to take place on the 15th of September according to core developers. F2Pool will keep running as usual till Ethereum mining is terminated by the Merge, whose final process will begin on the 10th of September. But Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, said the Merge might take place between the 13th to 15th of September.

The F2Pool announcement said that there is just one step till the Merge is done and the platform’s Ethereum pool is going to be made available as always till the TTD puts an end to mining activities.

Importantly, F2Pool said it will pay miners their Ethereum balance when the Merge is completed in order to avoid any problems with the merging mechanism. Miners are, therefore, advised to verify that they have their correct wallet addresses linked to their F2Pool accounts. They can equally have different addresses for their different F2Pool accounts.

F2Pool, thereby, invites all miners on its platform and beyond to mine CFX, RVN, ETC, and other tokens when the Ethereum Merge is concluded. The pool also said it is giving zero commission costs for miners on ETC till the 30th of September.

Different Price Realities for ETC and ETH

Ethereum Classic keeps receiving much support in the crypto community as miners are changing over to mine ETC. Due to this, the price of ETC and the hash rate keep increasing impressively. A number of leading mining pools like Antpool,, Ethermine, and a host of others have pledged their support to Ethereum Classic when the Merge is done.

The support Ethereum Classic got from miners and the entire community has gathered such momentum that reflects in its high price. Note that leading mining pools have declined to support any hard fork that comes from Ethereum’s main code.

Ethereum Classic has seen its price go up by more than 200% within two months as it went from $14 to as high as $45.51. The asset currently trades at $34.31. It lost about 15% within the past 24 hours as a result of a sell-off that suddenly gripped the market.

Nevertheless, Ethereum Classic still displays some level of strength which indicates that its price could rise to $50 when the Merge is completed. The price of Ethereum is, however, likely to crash following the Merge as a result of deflation.   

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