March 23, 2023

Polygon Labs Partnering with Salesforce to Develop NFT Loyalty Program

The San Francisco-based software development company Salesforce has partnered with Polygon Labs to create an innovative NFT loyalty program. The new feature will strengthen the relationship between the NFT creators and fans. A report from the Polygon Labs president Ryan Wyatt dated March 15, revealed that the partnership aims at building a social ecosystem that will improve the interaction between the NFT artists and fans.

Polygon Labs Partnership with Salesforce

In his tweet, Wyatt stated that the team has agreed to utilize Salesforce’s customer relationship management (CRM) tools to attract more customers to Polygon. The proposed integration of the NFT loyalty program will encourage developers to use the Polygon networks to adopt a reward system.

A subsequent report issued on March 15 by the Salesforce team stated that the firm plans to leverage its infrastructures to cope with the ever-evolving crypto space. Salesforce intends to diversify its product and services by integrating the NFT loyalty program built on the Ethereum and Polygon network.

The partnership aims to provide investors with endless opportunities to increase their market dominance in the crypto world. Additionally, the new loyalty program aims at building a strong customer retention program.

Based on customer rewards program provider’s report, the firm stated that retaining 40% of the customers enables the business to generate measurable income. Besides the analysis, the NFT space has been a wave in the crypto world, inspiring firms to adopt loyalty programs to develop strong customer relations.

Polygon replicates the loyalty rewards system adopted by BlockFi and Upstart. Recently, BlockFi affirmed to provide its users with Bitcoin rewards issued through credit cards.


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