August 12, 2022
Klatyn and OpenSea form a Partnership for more Adoption and Growth of NFT Sector

Klatyn and OpenSea form a Partnership for more Adoption and Growth of NFT Sector

Klaytn Foundation has recently announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with OpenSea. Klaytn Foundation, which is a major metaverse blockchain ecosystem proving its dominance in the Asian market now wants to dominate the NFT sector in the same region.

To achieve this goal, Klaytn Foundation has partnered with the largest marketplace in the world for NFTs in terms of daily trades, OpenSea. Following their partnership, Klaytn Foundation aims to invest in the ecosystem of NFTs in the Asian region.

The Partnership Announcement

The firms had used the platform known as NFT.NYC, to announce their partnership. The firms announced that the main goal of their partnership is for the fast adoption and growth of the NFTs in the Asian region.

Both firms aspect that their partnership is going to go a long way and prove very beneficial for the entire NFT and metaverse industry in Asia. NFTs and metaverse industries have proven to be very compatible and incorporable with each other.

The metaverse has proven to be a stepping stone for the expansion and mass adoption of Web3, challenging the World Wide Web (WWW), simply put, the internet.

Comments by Klaytn Foundation

The Klaytn Foundation executives commented on their recent partnership with OpenSea. As per them, the decision of their partnership with OpenSea is extremely exciting and filled with opportunities for both industries in near future.

Despite ruling the Asian metaverse market, their aim was also to build a blockchain that could cater to different communities and economies. The economies they had targeted were the creator economy, gamefi economy, and the metaverse economy.

Now, they have added the NFT economy in Asia to their goals, and partnering with OpenSea is the best decision they have made. This decision will be full of growth and mass adoption of NFTs in the Asian market.

The people in Asia will be able to interact with NFTs just the way people in the American and European regions have. The Asian market is filled with millions and millions of enthusiasts wanting to profit from crypto-blockchain technologies.

The region has the population, enthusiasm, technology, and understanding of the crypto-blockchain ecosystems that can outmatch any other region. They believe that they have targeted the Asian market at the right time.

Growth of the NFT Sector following the Partnership

Despite being one of the fastest-growing industries, NFT still has a long way to compete with other major spaces within the crypto-verse. Still, enough tokens have been launched into the NFT sector that needs mass adoption.

The major tokens within the NFT sector are MANA, FLOW, SAND, APE, THETA, and AXS among others. With the recent partnership between Klaytn and OpenSea, it is expected that all these assets may experience a surge in their prices.

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