December 7, 2023

Polygon Studios Set to Improve and Hasten Development of Web3 Projects, in Collaboration With Sensorium

On November 18, 2022, renowned web3 and metaverse developer, Sensorium, announced its collaboration with Polygon Studios—a collaboration that will be geared at improving and accelerating the development of web3 projects with Polygon’s blockchain technology, in a bid to grow the community and further integrate web3 into the daily life of everyone.

Polygon and Sensorium’s Partnership Will Kickstart with Senso DApp

According to the announcement, the collaboration would largely be about utilizing Polygon’s blockchain tech and infrastructure to sustain and improve Sensorium’s web3 developments, projects, and the tokens associated with them.

Also, Polygon Studios will provide support for Sensorium’s top existing projects like the Senso DApp and NFT features that will be available in the Sensorium Galaxy, a metaverse environment shaping the future of entertainment in web3.

Polygon Studios, being based on one of the most sustainable blockchains, was qualitatively built to support some of the greatest blockchain innovations in the world.

Its features like the sustainability, scalability, security and compatibility with Ethereum has made it very appealing to DApp developers and has made Polygon blockchain famous for the number of DApps and decentralized activities going on there.

The technological infrastructure that allows the support and sustenance of DApps also ensures that the blockchain is able to support web3 projects and developments.

The first project to kickstart this collaboration will be the Senso DApp—a game where in players will sell concert tickets, host musical concerts and events, and scout NFT artists to earn from the rewards pool. The Senso DApp will now be based on Polygon’s infrastructure, which makes for a good fit judging by its history with DApps and web3 projects.

The Collaboration Will Hasten the Adoption of Web3

Since its inception, Sensorium has been known for its wonderful itineration of the entertainment sector in the metaverse. Its award-winning Sensorium Galaxy has provided users with virtual experiences like concerts, meditation sections, musical events, and even social networking case studies with AI identities.

With this partnership with Polygon Studios, Sensorium is now in pole position to push for the adoption of web3 both to its community and the world. Since they’re in the works for the release of Sensorium Galaxy to the public, the collaboration has come at the right time as they can now improve their metaverse with the technology of Polygon.

This will go a long way in the reassurance and improvement of the confidence, impression, interaction, and engagement of people with web3 and the metaverse.

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