March 23, 2023

Ocado Group Reports Significant Losses in Full-Year Earnings

Ocado Group Shares Plunge

The Ocado Group, one of the UK’s largest online supermarkets, has reported a significant loss in their full-year earnings, exceeding market expectations. According to reports from Reuters, the company took a massive charge, resulting in profits being completely wiped out, largely due to its partnership with MKS.L.

This news has substantially impacted the company’s shares, with a 9% drop recorded on Tuesday alone. This latest fall compounds an already challenging year for Ocado, which has decreased its stock price by 59% in the last 12 months.

With this latest development, analysts are questioning the company’s long-term prospects, with many speculating about the potential impact of increased competition in the online grocery market.

Ocado Group Reports Pre-tax Losses of $600 Million for 2022

Ocado Group’s pre-tax losses reported for 2022 were far worse than the forecasted figures, totaling a staggering $600 million. These losses are a significant increase from the already substantial $399 million loss forecast by analysts.

In contrast to these challenging results, the group’s revenue remained flat, reaching around £2.5 billion. Despite these discouraging numbers, Tim Steiner, the CEO of Ocado Group, has publicly expressed his continued confidence in the company’s business model.

He highlights an encouraging momentum in the company’s tech divisions, which sell proprietary technology to other grocery partners. This technology division has driven the company’s optimism, alongside its market cap of $5 billion.

Steiner has emphasized that he is still convinced that Ocado’s model is the future of grocery retail, and he is confident that the company will continue to grow and evolve. The group has opened 12 new sites for partners in 2022, bringing the total live sites to over 23. Expanding Ocado’s reach could offer a much-needed boost to the company, which has struggled to perform in the past year.

CEO Tim Steuener remains optimistic about Ocado’s future

In addition to his comments on the company’s tech division, Tim Steiner has also revealed that the company is nearing the launch of an automated order fulfillment solution for the broader retail sector. This development is expected to improve the company’s operational efficiency and increase business significantly.

Despite the challenging financial results for the company in the past year, Steiner has stated that he believes Ocado is well-positioned for the long term. He acknowledges that the past year, which saw an economic downturn due to the war in Ukraine, was challenging for everyone. Supply chain disruptions and rising prices contributed to the company’s downturn and many other businesses.

Steiner remains optimistic about Ocado’s future, noting that the company has weathered tough economic conditions in the past and come out stronger. He also highlights the company’s ongoing commitment to innovation, which he believes will keep them ahead of the competition in the long run.

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