January 29, 2023

Mixed Results in European Stock Market, Strong Performance in US: A Closer Look

European Stocks

Yesterday, the European stock market saw a mix of gains and losses. However, the German DAX index closed with a positive increase of 0.75%, indicating a sturdy performance for the country’s top companies.

Similarly, the French CAC index also saw a rise of 0.64%, signaling a positive outlook for the nation’s economy. Meanwhile, the UK’s FTSE index only saw a slight uptick of 0.3%, a less significant gain than its European counterparts.

However, the Russian RTSI index was the worst performer, experiencing a slight decline of 0.2%. Despite the mixed results, investors are closely monitoring the overall trend to see if these changes will continue in the coming days.

It’s worth noting that the European market is subject to changes in the global market, and any major announcements or events happening worldwide can impact the trend in the European market.

The indices mentioned above, such as the DAX, CAC, FTSE, and RTSI, all use a method known as free float shares to calculate their value. Free float shares refer to the portion of a company’s equities that are available for trading by the public rather than being held by insiders or shareholders.

By using free float shares, these indices provide a more accurate representation of the performance of publicly traded companies and the overall market. This method also helps to prevent the manipulation of the index by a small number of individuals or entities holding a large percentage of a company’s shares.

United States Stocks

On Friday, the US stock market saw a strong performance with gains across the board. The DJIA (Dow Jones Industrial Average), a stock market index that measures the performance of 30 large publicly traded companies, closed up 1% at 33385.5 points.

The S&P 500, an index that comprises the 500 leading publicly traded companies in the US, saw a massive increase of 1.9% to 3974.61 points. The Nasdaq Composite, which includes the largest 3,000 publicly traded companies in the US, had the highest upturn of 2.7% to 11130.43 points.

These numbers are a positive indication that the US economy is continuing to recover and that investors are confident in the prospects of these companies. The upward trend in the stock market might be because of the easing of Covid-19 regulations in China and the hopes that the FED will lower their rates in February.

Investors and analysts around the world consider the US market a bellwether for the global economy, and the performance of these indices gives a clue to investors about the global economy. The market will likely continue its upward trend in the coming days, but investors are keeping an eye on any major announcements or events that might impact the market trend.

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