April 25, 2024

MetaMask to Incorporate Coinbase Pay in Web 3 Push

An Early Adopter of Coinbase Innovation

MetaMask has made an announcement of its plans to incorporate Coinbase Pay. MetaMask, one of the most popular crypto wallets, made the announcement on Tuesday, 24th May. The announcement followed Coinbase opening its doors to Web 3 developers.

Coinbase announced it will allow Web 3 developers to integrate its payment system into their decentralized apps. MetaMask is, thus, becoming the first wallet to integrate Coinbase Pay.

In the announcement, MetaMask says it will soon integrate Coinbase Pay as a means of transferring and buying crypto. Saying via tweet that Coinbase is integrating first with MetaMask as they launch. It is the beginning of Coinbase’s Web 3 ecosystem that promises much more.

Stating further, MetaMask says the integration is a step in their long-term goal. It is ultimately to make the purchase of crypto easier on the platform.

The integration with Coinbase Pay will be made available to MetaMask users within a few weeks. Following that, users will be able to buy crypto with their existing crypto via Coinbase. They will be able to do so using information saved in their Coinbase accounts.

Coinbase Pay With Developers in Mind

Coinbase made the announcement of its payment platform earlier in May. It was set up to ensure easy movement of funds through the Web 3 ecosystem. It would create a seamless payment in crypto across crypto platforms like NFTs and DeFi.

In spite of the latest explosion in NFTs and DeFi, new retailers find it expensive. The basic discouragement is the cost of gas fees for newcomers. Then, they have to manually send in crypto before they transact.

Users have to log into different dApps to get their wallet addresses before proceeding. This move makes them vulnerable to committing all manner of errors. Coinbase is out to help resolve all such associated problems.

The platform explained that it is offering a new way to buy and transfer crypto. It states further that these actions would be taken in just a few clicks. Users will, thus, be ready to launch into NFTs or DeFi.

Users can use their crypto balance to purchase other assets with their payment information. It would have been saved on the Coinbase network beforehand. It could be their bank account or any debit card they possess.

This is going to simplify the transfer of fiat currencies to crypto. It would make the Web 3 world intuitive and very accessible.

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