September 25, 2023

Facebook and Instagram Users in the US Can Now Share NFTs Inter-Platform

US-based users of the popular social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram, can now post NFTs across both platforms. This forms part of Meta’s agenda of expanding users’ presence within the metaverse and also increasing the usage of NFTs, as well as their flexibility when they are posted on any of these platforms. 

More Use Cases for NFTs

2021 saw an exponential expansion of the digital space from cryptocurrencies to blockchain networks. These include NFT tokens, digital collectibles, and other projects that are related to crypto. For instance, Facebook changed its company name to Meta so it could reflect the tilt toward the metaverse.

Back then, Decentraland’s digital currency, MANA, shot high to unprecedented heights, all thanks to Facebook changing its name. Decentraland is the first metaverse world to launch and it is still the first choice for people who enjoy the online world.

All thanks to this move, Facebook and Instagram users in the US will now be able to enjoy the feature that links the two leading social media platforms. For starters, users have to connect their crypto wallets to their social media to begin using the feature.

Some wallets that are already supported for NFT usage include Trust Wallet, Rainbow, Coinbase, MetaMask, and Dapper. There could be more wallets that support the NFT feature on Meta’s platforms in the future.

Meta’s First Support

All these followed Meta’s first support for NFTs earlier in the year. Hence, in spite of the economic bear market, Meta keeps increasing its offers to users that would collect NFTs and other digital tokens.

The company announced via its Twitter account that all Instagram and Facebook users now have the opportunity to share their digital collections in the US, as well as on Instagram, for the earlier mentioned over 100 countries.  

Users can now connect their virtual wallets to the platforms and it lets creators select what NFTs they would like to share on Facebook or Instagram from the wallet. Importantly, they would be able to tag other creators, as well as collectors, as they share with the community.

Meta also announced that it will soon expand access to other digital collectibles. That means it will give the benefit of owning non-fungible tokens to a large number of creators and collectors from around the globe.

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