January 29, 2023

Ethereum Falls But Might Start New Increase

Ethereum is Trading Under $2,000

The Ethereum token tried to secure the resistance levels of $2.085 and $2.100. But it failed in its bid to achieve the needed strength for that feat. It, therefore, formed a near-term top close to the level of $2.085.

A bearish reaction was seen under the support area of $2,050. Aside from that, there was equally a break under a significant bullish trend line. The bullish trend line has its support level close to $2,000 on the ETH/USD hourly chart.

Also, there was a movement under the 50% Fibonacci retracement point of the upward movement. This upward movement came from the $1.920 dip down to the $2,085 move up.

The price of Ethereum is now moving under $2,000 and the. It is equally under the 100-period simple moving average. It went as far as testing the 76.4% Fibonacci retracement point of the upward increase.

It once again went from a $1.920 dip to a $2,085 movement up. The first important point of resistance is close to the 100-period simple moving average. The major point of resistance is currently forming close to $2,085

Any close over the $2,085 point has the potential of opening doors to more increases. In the case at hand, the price of Ethereum could rise in the direction of $2,150. Further gains could, probably, send it towards the $2,200 resistance area.

Is Ethereum Losing More?

If Ethereum does not recover over the resistance point of $2,000, it might drop further. The first point of support on the decline is close to the $1,960 area.

After that, the other line of support is close to the $1,920 area. A close under the $1,920 area might restart a rapid downward trend. In the examined case, the price could still dip to $1,900.

Therefore, the next significant level of support might be close to $1,800 and $1,780. All these are envisaged in the short term.

In Order News

Nightly Mint had a brief hiatus from its services but has now returned. The NFT’s management, in a release, stated that they know there might have been some commotion. They, however, said they are going to skip some matters and dive straight into business.

eBay has had some delays in its interest to engage NFTs in its business model. The trading platform’s first release in conjunction with OneOf is finally out. It features an animated interpretation of Sports, starting with Wayne Gretzky. 

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