April 25, 2024

Bitcoin Could Increase by 100 Times – Peter Thiel; Releases a List of “Bitcoin Enemies” with Warren Buffett Leading

Introducing Financial Gerontocrats

The co-founder of PayPal and US billionaire, Peter Thiel, has come up with a list of people he considers to be enemies of Bitcoin and “finance gerontocrats” he feels are obstructing the price of the top digital asset from shooting up a hundred folds. The CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett, is on the leaderboard of that said list. 

Peter Thiel’s List of Bitcoin Enemies

The Billionaire co-founder of one of the world’s leading payment services, PayPal, published his list of those he thinks are blocking the rise of Bitcoin by up to 100 times on Thursday as he addressed the Miami 2022 Bitcoin Conference in Florida.

In his words, the enemy list contains the name of people whom he thinks are stopping Bitcoin. He emphasized that there are a lot of them and seem to have faceless, nameless bureaucratic perspectives, and that is, according to Thiel, one of their means of hiding.

Thiel stated further that those people have to be exposed, and it should be realized that such is the kind of thing that has to be fought for the value of Bitcoin to increase by ten times, 100 times, and more. He believes strongly that central banks are beginning to go bankrupt and that the world financial system is seeing the end of fiat currencies as a system of settlement.

At the conference, Thiel showed a picture of Warren Buffett as the leading person on that enemy list alongside two of Berkshire Hathaway’s CEO’s popular quotes regarding Bitcoin. At one place, Buffett referred to the cryptocurrency as rat poison, while at another, he was quoted to have said that he doesn’t know anything about Bitcoin and he will never do. Thiel, therefore, stated his opinion that he thinks the “sociopathic grandpa” is probably the most direct and the most honest about his opposition to Bitcoin.

Another thing Thiel noted was that Warren Buffett has a long-standing bias that keeps his longing for the fiat currency system, and financial managers in his circle who lean on his advice are going to pretend to have complications in Bitcoin investment.

The second person that appeared on Thiel’s list is the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, Jamie Dimon. Dimon’s picture was also put up at the conference alongside his popular quote where he said that he doesn’t call them “cryptocurrencies” but “crypto tokens” because currencies have the rule of law, the central bank, as well as tax authorities behind them.   

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